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industrial reverse osmosis water system-10TPH

10tph industrial reverse osmosis water system

industrial reverse osmosis water system


  • Technical parameters:
    Brand: HDN
    Model:  HDN-10T
    Capacity: 10T/H
    Voltage: 380V
    Measurement: 2500×700×1760 mm
  • Outlet water quality: In accordance with national living drinking water standard and Word Health Organization living instant-drinking water standard
  • Advantages of our equipment:
    Best quality and service and most competitive price in domestic market
    Low power consumption, completely made of 304 stainless steel, the pretreatment equipment and pipeline valve are all sanitary material, compact conformation, convenient to transport; No need workers to operate. It is PLC program controlled and can operate automatically; CIP automatic washing system; Installed with conductivity meter monitor, pressure gauge and flow meter.
  • (1) When the raw water flow through the first feed water pump and flow into the mechanical filter(also named multi-media filter) which filled with five types of refined silica sand ,at the moment, the floats,impurity,particle,etc which are more than 100um will be retained by the mechanical filter also namned as multi-media filter.

  • (2) The clean water treated by the mechanical filter are less than 100um and then flow into the activated carbon filter which filled with Nut shell activated carbon filter of iodine value more than 900. The activated carbon filter can adsorb the residual chlorine, peculiar smell, and some inorganic salt and organic salt in the water.
  • The above two steps we call it pretreatment
    (3) If the TDS is more than 100ppm, In order to prevent the membrane element blocked by particles we need to add a dosing device and inject scale inhibitor into it so as to effectively control scale deposit of calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, barium sulphate after the concentration of water treated by the pretreatment. Then the water flow into a cartridge filter(also we can call it precision filter) of 1um, it filled with 3pcs melt spinning cartridge of 20 inches made by PP , the water filtered by it can reach the inlet standard of RO. The melt spinning filter cartridge need to be exchanged after about 3 months.
  • (4) Water filtered by cartridge filter will flow into RO system driven by high pressure pump, the recovery rate of pure water is 50%, the waste water will be drain out. The pore of RO membrane ≤0.0001um. 99.2% of the heavy metal ion, cancerogen, etc in water will be absolutely removed. The machine can work automatically, no need work man to operate all the time, it is controlled by PLC programmable device.